About Smart Lemur

We value authentic experiences

We are a group of travel enthusiasts and tech entrepreneurs who like to collect experiences around the world.

The more authentic, the better - whether it’s meeting locals at a pub in Prague, hanging out at a cool music festival in China or enjoying a new Design Hotel in Vilnius.

We value authenticity, uniqueness and real experiences.

Visit our website, and learn how to meet locals, attend best concerts and visit inspiring destinations.

We bring you all the necessary tools - from gear advice to location scouting on your behalf.

But most importantly, we love sharing stories and best-kept travel secrets, which can turn anyone’s trip from average to unforgettable.

Happy travels from all of us!

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Sharing stories and experiences to inspire, advise and share valuable tips we’ve learned along the way
Showing you how smart technology can help you discover the world on your terms with more ease and more fun

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