About Smart Lemur

Travel enthusiasts who help inspire you for your next smart adventure

We are a group of travel enthusiasts and tech entrepreneurs who are a bit obsessed with smart travel stories and tips. We employ the technology - we take advantage of travel planning apps and best flight detection apps. We enjoy meeting locals through various travel sites, which we are eager to share with you.

But most importantly, we love sharing stories and best-kept travel secrets, which can turn anyone’s trip from average to unforgettable.

It’s because we feel that many travelers could make their trips much more enjoyable, authentic and even more affordable if they also were aware of all these tips and tricks known by someone who has already traveled that road.

And what about the apps that suit your needs or the best new travel shoes that will make you look fashionable and comfortable in any destination. Or if you knew how to deal with renting a car abroad, picking up the best bargain at a local market or finding the best travel itinerary for the high season.

There is so much information online that no one really has the time to sort through it. That’s why we decided to create a website that gives advice about traveling smartly based on your needs. We got it all on our site!

Happy travels from all of us!

Travel advice by travel enthusiasts bringing you smart travel advice and unbiased product reviews
Sharing stories and experiences to inspire, advise and share valuable tips we’ve learned along the way
Showing you how smart technology can help you discover the world on your terms with more ease and more fun

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