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Find out about top travel destinations where smoking weed is legalized or embraced with tolerance

Canada’s recent legalisation of recreational marijuana is set to increase tourism flows to the second biggest country in the world. As an increasing number of countries become weed-friendly, cannabis...

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It's time to hop on a plane and see these spellbinding places around the world while you still have a chance

As global warming intensifies, world’s most beautiful destinations struggle for survival. The effects of climate change endangered some of the most beautiful places on earth - from awe-ins...

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Discover these mind-bending places and make your Christmas a truly unique experience

If you are opting for a Christmas escape this season, three are many exotic options. While some would like to spend Christmas under swaying palm tree, others dream about white Christmas with a burning fireplace in...

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The world is smaller than ever, and we all become explorers once in a while. It’s easy to hop on a plane and get immersed in a totally different culture. When we travel, we want to feel, to touch and to smell, to discover authentic moments and people, while saving money and getting the best experience possible.

By giving you simple pointers that match your traveling style and help you get the most out of your trip, we aim to make traveling even more fun and enjoyable. We bring you the advice from other travelers, technology and fashion experts, pet owners who travel with their pets, and even famous people whose travel stories you will love!

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