Best Apps to Locate Cheap Flights

Outsmart the System, Pay Less for Your Flights

It’s no secret that getting the best airfare often feels like a gamble - tickets for the same destination can vary significantly depending on when they are booked, and the booking site can change the air ticket price within a matter of minutes. Therefore, if you have checked some booking site, but haven’t booked yet, don’t expect to find the same deal ten minutes later - unless you clear the cookies and use a VPN.

It’s also as important to know the best sites offering the greatest deals. Here’s our list:

Skyscanner is an interesting app for that, which is intuitive and interactive, allowing to see you the cheapest dates for travel within your chosen time period. It can also offer you a destination based on your chosen dates and cheapest tickets.

It’s a new app that will look at what is the cheapest option, even if it means an airfare that includes several separate flights and airlines. So if your preference is not to get to your destination as fast as possible, but to save as much as possible - this app is for you. Kiwi also guarantees to cover flight delays, schedule changes and cancellations.

The app provides beautiful visuals for each destination, and loading screen displays the image of the destination city. Users can easily choose between the cheapest flight or quickest flight times, as well as pick such option as “early out” or “late in.” The app is very user-friendly with easy-to-read results.

The perfect app for those who love to make spontaneous travel decisions, who kind of have an idea what they would like to do, but don’t care about exact destination. For example, for who are looking for a beach escape, will get offered several options and can choose their favorite or the cheapest one. Users who can be flexible about their travel dates will get the best out of the app.

Allows to compare flights before selecting one. The results are sorted by price, departure time, takeoff and landing times and agony (amount of stops). The app also allows to set up fare alerts.

Travelers usually choose one favorite booking site and stick with it - but it would be wise to see what’s new in the market, and to beat your friends at the cheapest airfare to the same destination.