Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

Make Long Flights a Blast with These High-Tech Headphones!

One of the things that frequent travelers have to get used to is the long flights, drives, and train rides. Until Star Trek like travel (think ‘Beam me up Scottie’) is possible, the best way to pass the time during this time is to listen to music or watch your favorite movies and shows.

To completely immerse yourself in watching on a smaller screen, usually on your tablet or phone, you need a good pair of headphones to block out the world outside. Here are some of the best headphones for travelers:

The new retro-styled Marshall Mid A.N.C. wireless on-ear model provides you with classic style and guaranteed in-depth sound quality. This compact size set of Bluetooth headphones comes in a black leather travel case and has a great battery life. It secures you up to 20 hours of vibrant sound with ANC or 30+ hours of wireless playtime without ANC. This model has a tight clamping and a headband covered with soft velvet so you can be sure it will not slip off or fall during the bumpiest travel roads.

Sennheiser's name is already a sign of quality and balanced sound signature, but this model seems to cover everything a rocker traveller would need. It has a lightweight construction, top battery life (30 hours), and in-built NoiseGuard technology that adapts to different environments. Besides, it has an automatic on/off function thus you won't need to worry about forgetting to turn them off. Last but not least it has built in microphone which in tandem with NoiseGuard technology ensures that your calls during travelling are as perfect as in a quiet room.

This noise-canceller is great if you're looking for a best quality and budget combination. Considering its price (under $100) it delivers pretty good on ANC and can compare to more expensive models. Its minimalistic design is a perfect match if you're looking for a stylish choice that avoids unnecessary attention. Also, its come in an accessory-rich package, including full-sized headphones carrying case, airline adapter, AUX cable, micro USB charging cable and a small zipper pouch to keep the wires.

Bose is a well-known brand that creates some of the best headphones in the planet. NFL coaches use this brand so they can hear themselves think above the thunderous sounds that a huge crowd makes. This noise cancelling headphones lives up to its name as it is able to block out the world. These headphones come highly recommended based on reviews and top lists.

The Sony WH1000XM2 is a noise cancelling, wireless pair of headphones that promises you hours of listening to music or watching movies without interruption from the outside world. It has a long battery life so you don’t have to keep charging it during long flights or train rides. This also ensures uninterrupted listening. The Adaptive Sound technology automatically adjusts the sounds to suit your surroundings.

This headphone comes with its own carrying ’pod’ so it does not get squished or broken in your bag easily. It’s made of lightweight material so you feel comfortable with it on your head while you travel. You get crystal clear sound and deeper bass so you can listen to your favorite music in high quality sound. It has a long battery life so you can listen to your favorite tunes for the duration of your plane or train ride.

This is one of the less expensive headphones you can buy but still get good quality sound and noise cancelling features. It comes with a long battery life of up to 24 hours on one charging. The ear caps are comfortably padded which makes it a perfect choice for long flights.

This headphone is also great for listening to music in the office. It has a light on top of the headphones to signal to everyone that you should not be disturbed. It allows you to turn on and off the noise cancelling feature so you can listen to the outside world when needed or tune it out completely. When you want to join in on the conversation again you can turn this feature off easily. Activation is easy. Just press the right ear to turn on the noise cancelling feature and again to turn it off.

If you have very little budget for a new pair of earphones, Sony has you covered. The Sony MDR-ZX110NC is less than a hundred dollars and can give you great sounds on the go. If you don’t mind not having wireless earphones, these are great choices. It reduces noise from surrounding areas by 95% and offers clear and incredible sound quality.

If you want to add a pop of color to your headphones the Sol Republic Tracks HD2 comes with a great variety of colors to suit your personality. It has improved the cushions on the ear caps so you can comfortably listen to your favorite music in style. It claims to be virtually indestructible so you can bring it along wherever you travel without worry that it will break as soon as you take it out of the box.

The dual mode Pure Adaptive Noise Cancelling feature of the headphones is what makes it perfect for travel. You get an incredible listening experience that the Beats by Dr. Dre brand deliver. It helps you block the world outside so you can concentrate on the music. The Apple W1 chip makes it easy to connect with your Apple device easily.

Many famous DJs use this brand to listen to and create music. These are naturally great for travelers as these deliver high quality sound the DJs love. The durable construction of the headphones makes it a great travel companion. This is one of those products that can stand a lot of beating especially when you travel.

This beautifully crafted pair of headphones is one for the books. The gold and tan color combination has a classic feel but the sound performance is all modern and high quality. You’ll truly make a statement walking around the airport with these on your ears. It also comes in black and white if you’re not a fan of the gold and tan combination.

These 13 amazing headphones will make sure that your long travel time is more bearable. Most of these products have noise cancelling abilities so you can tune out that crying baby or the chattering around you and concentrate on your music or movie. Just make sure to listen to the PA system so you don’t miss your flight or train ride while you are busy listening to your favorite music.