Best Travel Fitness Apps

Don't Skip the Gym on a Trip: Just Download an App!

Travelling has reached a whole new level of hype in this era, and the number of people beginning to travel is increasing every year. This is probably due to the many flights and accommodations that are now available for both the budget travellers and the extravagant ones. It has become a hobby and an excellent getaway used by people simply wanting to explore the world to top CEOs wanting to relax and unwind.

Travelling is all fun and games until people realize that they have gained a ton of weight once they get back home. But worry no more, since the tech world is here to save you from all the pounds you’ve gained from indulging in local delicacies while travelling. Here is a list of five free fitness travel apps that can help anyone maintain their weight and keep track of their meals.

MapMyRun is a free app that allows users to customize their running workout by choosing from a variety of ready-made options or creating their own. It enables users to track their progress and provides a food log, which is very convenient for travelers who are watching what they eat. The app also lets users share their progress with friends or start a little competition wherever they are in the world.

MyFitnessPal makes fitness so much easier when travelling. For food tracking, it provides several premium features, such as a barcode scanner, recipe importer, restaurant log, calorie counter, and nutrients & water tracker. Users can also customize their workouts, log their exercises, track their steps, and chart their progress no matter where they are.

Sworkit is a fitness app that lets people work out in a simple way. It is an excellent app for travellers who need a boost in their energy levels. Custom workouts are available, and the exercises are made for everyone – parents, teens, personal trainers, sports trainers, physical therapists, and more. A variety of workouts is provided. The workouts can range from short, 5-minute exercises to more intense training.

This fitness app by Nike has over 100 workouts with clear audio and video instructions from Nike trainers. It allows users to create personalized plans so they can still workout even when they are away from home. Users can manually enter the activities they did during the day such as joining a spin class or shooting some hoops. The more activities entered in the app, the better it can track and balance the user’s fitness routine.

DailyBurn helps people find their ideal workout – even when they are travelling. The app provides over 20 programs with a total of 1000 workouts such as dance, HIIT, yoga, strength training, and so much more. Aside from mobile phones, DailyBurn can also be accessed via TV, laptop, IPad, and tablet – making workouts convenient and easy.

These five apps show that it is possible to go out, have fun, and indulge in the unique and delicious food in all parts of the world without having to get out of shape. It’s time to give any of these apps a try in order to be one step closer to living a more adventurous and healthy life.