Best Running Apps

Never Stop Running! Even When You Travel

Running is a fitness activity that a lot of people gravitate to because of its simplicity. All you need is a flat pavement, decent pair of shoes and willingness to exercise. However, runners usually lose their momentum and their normal running schedules are disrupted when they go travelling. Getting lost in an unfamiliar location is not something we look forward to.

Fortunately, there are a number of new fitness apps that are available to help runners check out a new city or town. Running is still the best way to get a lay of the land, build, and familiarize yourself with the terrain.

Here’s the best travel apps for runners.

When travelling, one of the first things you’d probably want to do is to get the lay of the land. One of the best ways to do that is to go running. But to run in a new location can be tough. RunGo will help runners by giving the best routes in the locality. You can even choose to take a more scenic tour and check nearby sights while exercising.

Users have the option to upload their preferred paths around town and other users can refer to these paths for future use. RunGo can be downloaded free in Apple and Android App stores.

Run Keeper is one of the more basic running apps. It is not as sophisticated or as sexy as other apps but it has the essentials that make it a contender in the running app market. Like other running apps, it allows users to track progress and customize workouts based on their experience level.

The screen during workouts is brightly colored, convenient and easy to use. Another plus is that you can easily sync your Spotify songs or Apple Music to the app which makes the running experience more enjoyable.

Run Keeper is available in IOS, Android platforms.

With MapMyRun, runners have two options in choosing a running route. First, by using the app’s route finder, runners are given popular routes in their chosen area. Second, runners can use the Route Genius function where the app can build you a custom route using data stored in the system.

MapMyRun can be used to map the sections of the road that are the best and are frequently used by other runners. This information can be referenced to when searching for hotel choices to stay in, and looking for groups or clubs to temporarily join while travelling.

MapMyRun is a free app from Under Armour available at their website and can be downloaded in both Apple and Android app stores.

Strava is one of the most popular, if not THE most popular, running tracker for both marathoners and triathletes. It is available for Android and Apple users through the product website.

The app tops the usual tracking features with complex monitoring logs with swimming, rides, and foot races in one place. It is the best tool to use for tracking triathlons.

With Strava you can join clubs, where your friends and followers can view your workouts and share their own. Members can engage in performance challenges as you race against your friends. Club members can also post questions to coaches for guidance.

Endomondo is a fitness app that allows users to record and track their progress in distance-based sports such as running and cycling. It is a free fitness app from Under Armour that offers the same essential run monitoring tools. It tracks duration, distance and calories burned per run.

An extra dimension to Endomondo is the social aspect where users can post workouts, compare progress versus other users and send or receive pep talks from other users. Fitness and running has become highly interactive instead of a solitary activity.

The app is easily downloadable in Apple and Android app stores for free. Product sign-up can be done through the product website. Premium subscription is available for a fee. Paid subscription gives more detailed stats, personalized running plans and an ad-free experience.

Fitness and your daily running habits should not break just because you are travelling. Being in a new locale is not an excuse as there are many running apps that will help you along the way. So, get up and start running!