Best Stylish and Practical Backpacks

Backpacks Can Also Be Cool: How to Choose the Best One for You

A travel backpack is not just any ordinary bag that you buy off the rack in any store. You need to pay attention to special design details to fit airline regulations and specifications and at the same time keep the backpack both stylish and functional. Most travel bags come with a lot of pockets where you can store all your things from toiletries to the metro card you use for travelling via trains and subways. With so many requirements for travelling, seasoned travelers all over the world are always in search for the next best travel backpack.

As a traveler, you want to find a backpack that will suit your needs, can fit all of your things, and at the same time is not too expensive. You’ll want a backpack that handles easily and won’t break as you run across the airport trying to catch your next flight. If you are looking for a new backpack to bring along on your next trip, you can check out the best backpacks you should buy:

This classic shape Gootium's backpack made from 100 percent pure cotton is extremely tough wearing thus with it on your shoulders you can easily stride through the jungle. Besides, it gives you unique vintage look and comes in various original colours. Its soft fabric ensures you're not restricted for much needed space. As same as it should be with any practical travel backpack, it has the ample amount of pockets to keep your seventeen inch laptop and other items neat and organized.

For travelers whose main concern is comfort, the Kelly Redwing is a great choice. This backpack has front pockets, side pockets, and inner pockets so you can store your knickknacks and smaller items such as a Swiss knife for camping and your travel documents for easy retrieval. It even has sturdy loops sewn in at the bottom of the backpack where you can easily hang your shoes, and other things that don’t fit inside the backpack.

If you are a “less is more” kind of person and would like to travel light as much as possible, the Ospray Farpoint 40 bag is for you. This lightweight bag weighs about 3.2 pounds which is lighter than many backpacks and travel bags of similar design and capacity. It can be used as a backpack or a shoulder bag depending on your needs and it comes with an All Mighty warranty in case anything happens to your bag while you travel.

Travelling to places where there is a constant threat of a downpour? You do not have to worry about your stuff getting soaked unexpectedly with the Hynes Eagle 40L backpack. The huge capacity make it a great choice for your next adventure while the water resistant design ensures that you don’t end up with wet clothes when you get to your hotel.

The Osprey Waypoint is another backpacker’s favorite. This bag is bigger than the Farpoint mentioned earlier so you have more room for your stuff. The big size works great for camping, hiking, and many other forms of travel. This bag comes in 65L and 80L capacities and it comes with comfortable straps and a mesh back that allows air to flow while you carry it around.

If you are on a budget but don’t want to end up with a flimsy backpack, the REI Vagabond Tour 40 is a great choice for you. The makers of this backpack are known for their high quality materials and superior design so you know you have a great product even though it is not as expensive as the others you see online. The size is also perfect for a quick getaway with your beau.

Was funded using a crowdfunding website, and many people supported it because of its promising features and design. However, it also looks nice enough for everyday if you need a backpack that can fit your laptop and other stuff. It opens like a book so you don’t need to struggle with finding your phone or small items at the bottom.

A German-made backpack that works great as a camping or hiking backpack and as a travel backpack as well. It can convert to a shoulder bag easily and it comes in grey-green and black. The back is very comfortable and carries easily and it has a hip strap so you can carry even the heaviest of load and still feel comfortable.

This backpack is great for travelers looking for a budget bag. Its most notable feature is (you guessed it!) the bungee cords that crisscross in the front of the backpack. You can use these like an extra space where you can hang smaller bags or shoes that don’t fit inside your bag and it also comes with a water holder so you can travel hands free and stay hydrated.

This travel bag comes in a simple design and has a lot of space for all your stuff. Inside, there are pockets for your laptop, tablet, and other gadgets so you won’t have to keep fishing around for your phone only to find it at very bottom of everything else. The hiking style suspension system ensures that you can carry the bag comfortably even if it’s full of stuff.

Great for going through security at the airport. It is lightweight, opens easily to show security what’s inside, and can fit a 17” laptop easily. This can be a great carry on as it fits just enough stuff so you can use this bag for work, travel, and just about anything else that requires a backpack. It is made of durable material so you don’t have to worry about it breaking easily.

It's not a secret that Patagonia approaches their product design based on simplicity and utility. The 45-liter Black Hole MLC backpack is no exception. If you're planning a city trip and don't want to look like a hiker this urban style backpack has a shoulder-bag style that will do you good. In case your shoulder gets tired you may always convert it and carry as a regular backpack with ergonomic shoulder straps. Besides, it has a clever placement of pockets and compartments to ensure effortless access and organization of your personal belongings.

With a 44-liter capacity, this bag can fit all your things and then some. This bag is great for camping, for short trips, and as a carry-on luggage. It comes in so many different colors and designs so you can be sure that your bag will look different from everyone else once it rolls down the baggage claim carousel.

These backpacks are some of the best in the market today. Some may be pricier than others but their special features make them a great product to buy. Get any of these bags for your next trip and you can walk around in style.