Best Modern Travel Luggage

Did you know that your Luggage Can Have a GPS & Bluetooth? Best Techie Travel Luggage Ideas

The evolution of travel luggage design has come a long way from the old, bulky and not very functional designs to more modern, sleek designs you see in the market today. Your luggage now comes equipped with ergonomic features and technological advancements that make them more than just luggage. Some feature charging for your electronic devices, while others have locking technology that can rival a personal safe. Some are super lightweight while others have features that make travelling easier.

If you are into all of these modern advancements in luggage technology, here are some of the best picks you can choose from. Some of the luggages featured here may only be available on pre-order, but as they say good things come to those who wait!

The Away luggage set comes with an ‘impenetrable’ shell that is said to bend and not break under outside pressures. If you travel a lot, you know that baggage handlers don’t often have enough time to carefully place your luggage in the plane, which increases the chances of it breaking every time you get on a flight. This luggage promises a shell that bends under pressure. It has a built in battery so you can charge your electronic devices while waiting for your connecting flight. The set nests neatly inside each other so it takes up less storage.

Rimowa is a brand that is well-known for its durable luggage and modern design. This one is made with lightweight and nearly indestructible exterior so it can really stand the test of time. The TSA locks on this luggage are recessed so they won’t snag on anything while you lug it around. It weighs just about 4lbs making it one of the lightest luggage you can buy.

The name of this luggage suggests that it is one modern bag you’ll want in your collection if you are a fan of sci-fi and modern technology. This one comes with a robotic biometric lock that opens using your fingerprint! You also receive an alert on your mobile device if it leaves your area. It comes with a built in weighing scale so you can determine how much it weighs before you leave for the airport.

Modobag’s tagline is “The Carry on that Carries You”. Indeed it carries you as you can use it to go around the airport like a small electronic transport machine. Hop on your luggage like it’s a motorcycle and zip along the busy airport quickly. It looks like something out of the future and hopefully it becomes available real soon.

This one does not open like a book. In fact it does not even have zippers. This has a rolltop type opening that is considered as one of the most innovative designs in luggage history. The rolltop design is built to address the vulnerable zippers where thieves often use to gain access to your luggage. It also has USB charging and an integrated scale.

Who does not want a luggage that’s durable and collapsible at the same time? This luggage is both. It comes with a hard shelled luggage that can also collapse to a 3 inch thick luggage for easy storage. It comes with GPS tracking and connected travel app so you can find your luggage wherever it is.

Here’s another innovative product from German luggage maker Rimowa. This one allows you to check your luggage in yourself from the comfort of your own home. No need for long lines in the check-in counter. You simply drop off your luggage at the designated area and head for four flight. That’s a lot of time saved.

this aviation grade aluminum alloy suitcase is lightweight and strong at the same time. It blends classic looks and modern technology in one bag. It comes with anti-theft features such as notifications when your suitcase has been opened without your consent and when it leaves your area. It contains a battery that can charge your mobile devices and has USB-C compatibility.

Interlocking cases that are no longer a thing of the past. This design concept makes bringing extra luggage along easy and convenient. The light push, steering feature also makes moving your luggage around easy and convenient. It is ergonomically designed so you won’t hurt your back while moving your luggage along.

If you're looking for a big suitcase, but don't want to lose you classy travel looks, Travelpro's largest spinner in the platinum elite line might be just the one. It is made from high-density nylon fabric and comes in two subtle colours - bordeaux or vintage grey. You can't put incredible travel impressions in a suitcase, but all your lovely souvenirs will effortlessly fit in this elegant giant with an expansion that adds up to 2” packing capacity. Another great feature is Fold-out suiter that prevents your clothing from unwanted wrinkles. It's not a cheap choice, but the brand provides you with a lifetime limited worry free warranty.

Samsonite is one of the most popular luggage brand embraced by affluent travellers because it delivers stylish products of the utmost quality. This Samsonite's 20" spinner is incredibly lightweight and made from 100% polycarbonate for extreme durability. We are all familiar with unpleasant feeling when a brand-new hard shell luggage gets scratched. Luckily, this one is armed with brushed pattern that reduces appearance of abrasion. Its sleek and minimalist design will amplify your modern traveller's presence.

The aluminum body of the Travelking suitcase makes it one durable and stylish bag. It looks like something that your favorite celebrity will want to tote around while he travels. It comes in 28” size so you can definitely carry a lot of things in one attractive suitcase.

If your friends are tired of you using the space in their bag because you have excess baggage (for the nth time!), this bag will solve your need for extra space. This 20” expandable bag offers additional space for all your trinkets and travel souvenirs. It comes in 8 different colors to suit your own style as well as a scratch resistant shell, a durable handle, and 360 degree rotating wheels.

Finding your luggage broken after a long flight can be frustrating and disappointing, especially if you paid good money for that bag. The Merax Travelhouse Aluminum Frame Suitcase is a sturdy but stylish bag that you can use to replace all your other bags that keep breaking and messing up your travel plans. The extra durable PC +ABS shell and the luxury aluminum frame both make this one hard-wearing travel bag.

Never run out of batteries for your phone or tablet again. The Bluesmart One Smart Luggage is one for the traveler who is also a techie as it charges your electronic devices while you travel. This bag looks incredible inside and out and it offers remote locking and GPS too so you can find it anywhere in the world.

Do you love the hard shell style but still need a front pocket to store your important need-to-be-accessed-quickly items? Your wish has been granted with the Fribourg Premium Spinner Carry On as it has a front pocket that can easily fit important documents such as your passport, travel papers, and even laptops. This saves you the trouble of opening your entire luggage for the world to see in a crowded airport when all you want is to get your travel documents.

Llooks every bit as stylish as it sounds. The bag comes in brown and black but its cream colored hard case shell offset by the brown leather trim is the one that will make you swoon. The design looks like classic old Hollywood and it’s a great bag to tote around and turn heads as you show off your sophisticated style.

May not look like it can hold a lot but its compact size can look really deceiving. This bag is spacious enough to hold a couple of days’ worth of travel clothes including matching shoes, bags, handbags and accessories. The telescoping style handle make it easy to take with you wherever you go.

The chances of you getting shot while you travel are super slim, but it wouldn’t hurt to have a bulletproof bag. The Delsey Helium Titanium bag is a bag straight out of a spy movie but more stylish and sleek looking. At 29 inches, this bag can be great for longer vacations as it can fit a lot of your stuff in just one bag. The rotating wheels spin 360 degrees so you should not have a hard time lugging this around.

These modern travel luggage ushers in the future in travelling. Expect more innovations in luggage design in the future. It might not be practical to keep on changing your luggage, but if you have a set that’s travelled long and hard already, it’s time to give the sets listed here a good look.