Best Functional Travel Purse

Choose a Travel Purse That Matches Your Personality

Like other travelers, you may have a preference on the kind of purse to use as your carry on bag. It could be a backpack, tote bag, cross-body purse, or a small weekender bag. This list of the best travel purses can be your guide in choosing the right kind for you.

No matter what you pick, it must be something you can also use when you reach your destination. Your travel purse needs to have anti-theft features, look fashionable, and be highly functional and spacious, while also being easy to carry.

This small weekender-style bag works well as a diaper bag, carry-all tote bag, or as a travel purse because it has lots of storage space. With six pockets, you can fit all of your essentials and other stuff in this bag. It is made from Vegan leather and has a magnetic snap closure. This bag is available in seven colors: teal, gray, black, blue, coral, pink, and rose pink.

This super lightweight cross-body travel bag is well-constructed, so you can use it for a long time. It has lots of pockets with well-made zippers. There is an RFID blocking wristlet, which is useful to help protect you from electronic pickpocketing. You may find the exterior to be slightly rough, but overall, it is quite easy to clean. The nylon material helps in case you get caught in the rain because the bag is water-resistant.

If you are a well-organized person, this is the travel purse for you. It has numerous compartments, pockets, and pouches for you to put in all of your essentials. The adjustable strap will always make sure that you are comfortable because you can change the way you wear the bag. There is an easy access pocket on the exterior to keep your phone or a water bottle.

You will be comfortable carrying this travel purse because of its detachable shoulder strap. Although this tote is described as “oversized,” you can easily fit it under the seat of the plane, regardless of the airline. When you get caught in the rain, your electronics and other stuff will be safe because this purse is water-resistant.

If you want a minimalistic bag to hold your keys, key cards, and travel documents and also serve as your wallet, then this is the ideal travel purse for you. It is made from faux leather and has high-quality interior. It is quite small, so it cannot hold larger items. However, it is better than a clutch purse and you can also use it when you go out at night on your travels.

This is a cross-body travel purse that is quite spacious and has several interior pockets for you to store and organize your stuff. It also has a padded pocket where you can keep your Kindle or iPad. Even though the bag is really lightweight, the material is sturdy for you to use for a long time. Because of the buttons, you may find the outer pocket a bit hard to access, but that can be good for security reasons.

Backpacks are great as a travel purse for those who suffer from back problems. This type of bag allows you to distribute the weight evenly on both of your shoulders. The ECOSUSI Sling Backpack has padded straps and back, so you would be comfortable wearing it. You can use this travel purse as a cross-body bag when you zip the straps.

This is a super lightweight travel purse, so it can hold more items before it starts to become heavy. Although it may look small, you can place your mobile phone, passport, makeup, large wallet, and more inside. It is waterproof and made from high-quality materials.

When it comes to having great anti-theft features in a travel gear, Pacsafe is the brand to trust. The Pacsafe Metrosafe LS140 focuses more on function rather than fashion. It is not the largest bag you can find, but you can easily carry your cash, IDs, keys, cell phone, passport, and more in it. This bag has an RFID safe pocket and you can also lock the zippers. Its fabric has a stainless steel mesh for protection against slash-and-grab theft.

The pockets for passport and cards make this travel purse an ideal carry on bag, but it is also great for big city travel. Thieves cannot cut your purse off your shoulder or get into it because it has slash proof body panels and straps. It has compartments that lock with lobster claw clasps that hold the zippers in place, which is also a great security feature against pickpockets. The LED light feature may also come in handy.

Hopefully, this list will help you make the right decision on choosing the best travel purse. Check out the pocket count, safety features, and the likes as these are important when traveling. Aside from the features, you may also follow the link to check the price of each travel purse to see if they fit your budget.