Best Travel Shampoo Bottles under 100 ml

Now You Can Carry Your Best Shampoo on a Flight

So you are finally ready for a long-planned weekend trip, which will involve beach, sun and late night dancing. However, there’s one problem: hotel shampoos make your hair look like a bunch of hay, and you are not allowed to carry your own fancy shampoo bottles in the carry-on. According to the rules, it’s not allowed to take more than 3.4 oz bottles into a one quart bag in the carry-on luggage.

But there is a solution: special travel bottles. They can be easily filled with your favorite shampoos, conditioners, shower gels, lotions, face washes and so on. There are certain travel bottles and brands that work better than others – some bottles might leak, get damaged, and so on. We have created a list that includes best travel bottle and the ones that can match up.

So what’s the best travel shampoo bottle?

Our “best travel bottle” award goes to these travel containers that made of silicone, are versatile and perfect to store different items, such as lotions, creams, powder, condiments, shampoo, and so on. An anti-drip flip cap can prevent leaking. They are easy to clean with warm soapy water or in a dishwasher.

These are TSA-approved travel rugged silicone containers that are soft and easily squeezable. They offer leak-proof guarantee, and the soft silicone body allows to squeeze the last drop of shampoo. Each bottle also has pre-printed ID labels, or an option to use a marker yourself!

These bottles are made from soft, squeezable food-grade silicone, that makes these bottles very squeezable. They come with a silicone valve in the flip-cap that stops any drip and allows to keep the cap spout clean. There is an integrated rubber seal that would stop any possible leak.

This is a set of silicone travel bottles – this one offers pillar-style design with easy squeeze and drip free dispenser, which releases the contents only when the soft and flexible silicon travel tube is squeezed. It’s easy to refill and clean, as a large opening allows these bottles to be easily washed. The seller even offers 180 day warranty!

TSA approved travel accessories for carry on luggage - these bottles are perfect for liquid toiletries . The 4-pack includes large (3oz/89ml) squeezable silicone travel bottles with leak-proof valve technology, large opening for easy cleaning and filling, ID windows and temporary suction cup.