Top 6 Things To Experience in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is one of the most vivid small cities in the world. From Amsterdam canals to its world-famous museums and bridges filled with bikes, it is one of the most colorful, beautiful and romantic cities in Europe.

Check out the list of our favorite places in Amsterdam.

1. Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House is located in the Jordaan district of Amsterdam, at the place where she lived in hiding with her family for more than two years during World War II. The house was converted into a museum to let people from around the world come, feel and get a better understanding of what the author of the famous diary and her family lived through during WWII. Deservedly so, it’s one of the most visited places by tourists in Amsterdam. Entry tickets are being sold a month or more in advance, and the queues are often long but well worth the wait. If you want to get a better experience, don’t forget to read Anne Frank: The Diary Of A Young Girl, before visiting the museum.

2. Experience Heineken Beer

If you are a beer lover, the Heineken Experience is a place for you. Nowhere, not in any shop, could you find that Heineken beer as delicious as here, right at the brewery in the popular De Pijp district. The brewery was established in Amsterdam in 1864, and today Heineken is one of the three largest beer producers in the world. The Heineken Experience is a self-guided interactive journey through the world of Heineken.

3. Wander in 9 Small Streets in Jordaan District

The most trendy shopping area in Amsterdam is located within nine small streets of the Old Town. It’s a suitable place for those who want to avoid overcrowded and touristic places and enjoy window shopping while marveling at the world-famous Amsterdam architecture. Full of nice restaurants, small boutiques, bookshops, coffee bars, interior decoration stores, and hairdressers, this is where locals go shopping, eat, drink, and get beautiful.

4. Taste it in The Avocado Show

Amsterdam is home to The Avocado Show restaurant. Their dishes are works of art. All the dishes feature this fruit, and even though you may think that you don’t like avocado, this place will make you love it. Avocado burgers, fries and ice cream are only a few things from the restaurant’s extensive menu.

5. Rudi's Original Stroopwafels

Trying Original Stroopwafels is a must for everyone visiting Amsterdam, and Rudi’s Original Stroopwafels is one of the best in the business. Located at the Albert Cuyp Market, Rudi’s make their stroopwafels hot and crispy, then fill them with melted syrup and, optionally, dip them in Belgian chocolate. A family recipe passed down through generations.

6. Take Canal Tour

People often say that the best way to see Amsterdam is from the water. You can either rent a boat by yourself or take one of the many canal tours and enjoy observing how the unique architecture comes alive. There are many canal tours to choose from: you can take a one hour tour which takes you through the highlights of Amsterdam or even a 24-hour tour to do sightseeing at your own pace. Your trip to Amsterdam is not complete if you haven’t been on a canal cruise.