Kirsten Alana: Travel helps you grow as a person, if you’re open to that

Kirsten Alana is a true lover of culture and adventure, always seeking to learn something new. As she says herself, she has worn a lot of hats in her career, but photography is her true calling. Travel to her symbolizes the magic and freedom of not only finding oneself, but also learning about the world outside your door. She is drawn to exotic places, but always comes back to old favourites like France and Scotland.

What do you love about travel?

The way it helps you grow as a person, if you're open to that.

What do you loathe about travel?

Overnight and/or long haul flights in economy. I have a lot of physical problems and I can't sleep or get comfortable no matter what I try if I have to sit up (and I've tried it all). Only when I can lay flat, am I able to feel comfortable.

Do you have what is called “a travel bug”? If so, where do you dream of travelling to next?

Absolutely! I still want to visit Seychelles, New Zealand, Japan, more of Africa and all the European countries I still have not been to.

What is your most memorable travel adventure?

Hot air ballooning over the Serengeti in Tanzania, at sunrise, during the Great Migration.

Have you learned anything valuable during your travels? If so, can you share with others.

The world is a lot less scary than people think. A smile goes a long way.

What’s the one thing you cannot go without when travelling?

My camera!

The take away - by getting to know the world around us, we get to know ourselves. Only by by expanding our horizons can we truly comprehend the differences between people that make us all truly unique and wonderful.

Kirsten Alana
Kirsten Alana is a professional photographer. She has worked with brands such as Four Seasons, Ted Baker and Travel + Leisure on every continent but Antartica. Kirsten also blogs about about travels, her favourite things and what it's like to call Los Angeles home.