Loïc Lagarde is capturing moments to save each unique travel experience from the clutches of time

Loïc Lagarde is 37 year old travel photographer based in Paris and native of Brittany. His passion for capturing the moment has grown steadily when travelling all around the world. For him photography is a great way to capture light of an evasive present time that is always running away from us. He is dedicated to collecting and sharing these moments with others. Loïc’s alluring pictures speak for themselves.

What do you love about travel?

Travel is true life for me. Travel means unforgettable experience you will never regret, unexpected meeting with people you share your travel with.

What do you loathe about travel?

Nothing. I just loathe routine and steady life.

Do you have what is called “a travel bug”? If so, where do you dream of travelling to next?

Yes I do and since early childhood. Today my life is totally focused on this objective: keep traveling all the time. I don’t dream about travelling, I just go where I dream to travel.

What is your most memorable travel adventure?

This question is difficult to answer since I’ve been travelling a lot for the past 20 years. But the most memorable adventure in travel is mostly linked with someone I met.

Have you learned anything valuable during your travels? If so, can you share with others.

Always travel when you can and capture what you see because you never know what’s going to happen in the future.

What’s the one thing you cannot go without when travelling?

My camera.

It would come of no surprise that everyone of us shares Loïc’s passion to grasp each and every moment that feels special for us. As long as the moment is before our eyes, let’s keep on trying.

Loïc Lagarde
Loïc Lagarde is travel photographer based in Paris and native of Brittany. He turned into a professional photographer in 2012 when Airbnb hired him to shoot host properties all around the world. He is one of the most influential travel photographers on social media with about 135, 000 followers and was quoted as one of the best travel influencers to follow on Instagram according to Harper’s Bazaar. Currently he specialises in destinations and luxury hotels.