Why Be Lazy, When You Can Be Active on Your Trip

Riding a wave, and feeling the breeze of the wind while standing on a board in a tropical sea - or experiencing the thrill of a steep downhill skiing track: that’s what you need to feel you live in the moment.

If you are still not convinced, here are some reasons why you need to start packing your surfboard already:

  1. You practice your favorite sports in the most beautiful natural locations, and you can use the occasion to explore the surroundings for other interesting experiences, while taking a rest after a fun and adventurous sports day.
  2. Open air sports offer great health advantages. Sports stimulate the body at various levels, including strength, stamina, and resistance.
  3. While your body works out hard, your mind relaxes. Stress is relieved, the quality of sleep improves and often anxiety and depression fade away just by being far from the daily routine and in a new environment.
  4. Practicing sports helps you lose weight – so why not do it in a pleasant new environment, on the beach or in the mountains?
  5. An active sports trip can be the right occasion to get together with some old friends to share great moments together and to learn new skills.
  6. Spots that are close to home are usually overcrowded: travelling gives the opportunity to enjoy your favorite active sports in a new, unknown destination, where being in unity with the nature can make the session of the day become a holistic experience.
  7. You’ll make new friends and grow your skills in your discipline by sharing ideas with the most different people you can find.
  8. After your active vacation, you will come back with a clear and fit mind, recharged and ready to tackle your job or business with renovated enthusiasm.

An active sports trip will create great memories, and you’ll come back feeling better than when you left, both in the discipline and in your mind.

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