How cruise hopping became a new hot thing in travel?

Cuiselines up until recently enjoyed pretty stable market share with a segment of retirees, or at least that’s what we’ve been led to believe. Turns out, some cruise lines started seeing a bigger picture and started catering to travel-loving millennials. Spin classes, hot yoga and DJ’s are all the rave on some cruiselines that are trying to attract a new customer. According to the latest research, they are doing a great job, as attitudes of taking a cruise are shifting.

Millennial-only cruises are trying to cater to a younger population who value experiences over amenities. Amenities like a good Wi-Fi are considered to be a given and therefore are not a source of enticement for the #youngmoney crowd. The cruise lines have done their research, as more unique experiences are coming to the resort on a ship near you.

What are some of the fun activities you can do while on a cruise?

1. For the thrillseekers:

Rockclimbing and abseiling walls are now a fixture of many popular cruises. For those seeking something more daring, there’s ziplining, or a ropes course with zipwires and a six-inch-wide plank extending 8ft over the side of the ship, 160 ft above the water. Other fun options can be surf-simulators and extreme free-fall waterslides.

2. For the spiritualists:

Yoga Classes and meditation opportunities are very popular aboard smaller ships. Take care of your mind - soul balance on a cruise line.

3. For foodies:

For those looking for an alternative dining experience, street food vendors are making it onto the ships, while cocktail mixologists stock up on fresh herbs and select liquors. For the beer connoisseurs, there are cruises that have breweries on board, one even makes their beer from distilled sea-water.

4. For cyclists

Spin Classes or an entire race track? Carnival’s Vista cruise offers an 800 ft-long track on the top deck.

5. For cinefiles and gamers:

Movie theaters are certainly nothing new on cruise lines, but now 4D movies and IMAX movie theaters are becoming the new norm. Also racing F1 racing and flight simulators are coming on board.

6. For art and book lovers:

An onboard library created by famous London bookshop Heywood Hill that is located in a cafe where you can sip a cappuccino and sit in a reading nook, while enjoying rotating art exhibitions.

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